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If your circumstances were such that you needed to sell property in Egypt, how would you go about it? 

There are several ways of selling property in Egypt:

You can 
find a potential client and sell him your apartment or villa. 

This is an ideal option, provided that you are able to correctly execute all the necessary documents.
But finding the right client can be difficult without an effective advertising base.  

It is possible to place an advertisement in newspapers in Egypt and England, as well as on the internet.  This option however can be long winded and ineffective at times.

You can sell your property through a professional estate agency.

Typically, Estate Agents charge 5-10% of the value of the transaction.
The second way - is for an Estate Agency after examining the contract documents to advertise the property for sale via the Internet and other resources available to them.

The portal - 'Property in Egypt - SVR Group' provides an independent free advertisement of properties offered for sale by owners themselves or by private persons on their behalf.

The order of placing ads on is very simple and easily accessible.

1. Register at the site and be sure to include your real e-mail and telephone number to the moderator of the property, so that they can reach you.

2. Log in to the 'advert' by pressing the corresponding button on the panel, to the right hand side of the home page.

3. It gives recommendations on how to advertise properties for sale.  After reading the text as indicated below, please click on one of the buttons to accept or reject it.


4. Directly placing information about your property:

Step 1. Select new property. The types of properties offered for sale through the portal 'www,' are; land, apartments, villas, restaurants, buildings, residential complexes, etc. 



Step 2. Complete all the necessary information about the property.

In the section - Object name, you must provide a title of your object (property) so that it stands out amongst  other properties. For example: 'Nice comfortable 2 bedroomed apartment with furniture, located only 3 minutes away from the sea', or 'a beautiful furnished villa in a closed elite village, near to the beach', etc.

In the section - Note, you must provide a more detailed description of the object (property) and its advantages over the others. For example: 'The apartment is located in a new house, and benefits from being located in a quiet area with developed infrastructure. It is also not far away from an English nursery. The house benefits from being clean and tidy. It is near a local playground with nice green areas, etc.

In the section - Region, there is a dropdown list with existing Egyptian cities and urban areas, as well as the streets. If you know the street your property is located in, you can select it.  The system will automatically bind your object (property) to the desired area and corresponding city. You can select the district within the area - Dahar, Sakkala, Hadaba, Mubarak-2, El Kawther, etc. If you do not know what district your object (property) is in, we can select it ourselves on your behalf.

To the right of the section - Region, is a graph entitled 'Street'. If your street is not in the 'Region drop-down list' you can type in the name of the street, as is specified in the contract of sale.

In the section - 'The housing market must choose the appropriate graph from the drop down list': The primary market option is to be chosen if the object has not previously been sold. The secondary market option is to be chosen if it is the second or subsequent sale of a property.  The buildiing option is to be chosen if you are selling a whole building and the equipment option is to be selected if you are selling land.  

The section for 'Rectangular windows' is completed in the same manner as above.

There are additional options for properties with 'elevators, phones, satellite tv, etc'.

Blocks and Fields marked with an asterisk must be completed.

The more precisely and thoroughly you fill the form in, the faster it will be approved and appear on the website. 

If you do everything correctly, then your object (property) will be added to the database.  It will be displayed on the website, after it has been moderated by the adminstrator. 

Step 3. Suggestions

You can create an offer for sale and an offer to purchase at the same time.


Unit Price: In the dropdown list, you are invited to select your preferred currency: EUR (Euro); LE (Egyptian pounds), USD (U.S. Dollar),  GBP (British pounds), or RUB (Russian Ruble).

The section 'Block Offer is valid until ......' is required if you do not know which date to choose.  The button placed on the right side of the field makes it possible to exit the calendar. You can extend the advertisement at any time, by logging into your personal account on the site.

After filling the data in on the price and duration of the advertisement, save the entered data (the button right below the screen).  You can now go to the next step, which is uploading at least 4 photos of your property.  

Step 4. Images

Now you have to post photos of the property. There should be no less than four (4). The more photos you post, the better it is.  It gives the potential buyer the chance to get acquainted with the benefits of your apartment, villa or piece of land.

If you do not provide at least 4 photos, then your advertisement to rent or sell a property will not be approved.

In order to proceed with the placement of photos, be sure to click 'Add Image'.

It is desirable to upload the following photos:

- Photos of each and every room.
- Views from the windows.
- Views from the house and outside.
- Nearby facilities.

Each title of each photos should contain a short description, for example; 'Elegant dining room' or 'Sea views from the Master Bedroom', etc.


Photo requirements:

 Number of photos posted (minimum of 4)
 The size of the photos, width 800, height 600 pixels (28h21 cm)
Photos should only be of a horizontal view
Photos should reveal the essence of the object

Step 5. Application of the of the object (property) map (Google)

1 - Drag the map to find the location of the property (to show the city, area or street, according to what you specified in section - 'Region'.
2 - Press the button with a pencil (in the upper right corner of the card) and put a full stop at the desired object (property).
3 - Save the data (the Save button is on the bottom right hand side).


CONGRATULATIONS! Your object in the Database.

AFTER moderation, the object (property) will be viewable on the VISITORS PORTAL.


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