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SVR GROUP Department of Constrution and repairs to properties.

CHIEF ENGINEER: Adele Barsoom Kher

Our ancestors, the Pharoahs built for you the pyramids.  Now we build for you.

One of the main  activities of SVR Group is the construction of apartment buildings in Hurghada and other cities in Egypt.

 SVR Group construction services:

- Construction of apartment buildings, residential complexes and shopping centres.

- Construction of turnkey villas, cottages and private homes.

- Reconstruction and remodeling of buildings, residential and commercial premises.

- Landscape design, landscaping and gardening.

Construction work is performed by SVR Group in full accordance with rules of construction in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Finishing works and plumbing works are also carried out.  

In additon to the above, the following works are undertaken:

1.   Survey work on construction sites.
2.   Preparatory work prior to construction.
3.   Foundation work.
4.   Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete building structures.
5.   Stonework - walls and partitions.
6.   Installation work on the assembly, installation of wooden and metal structures.
7.   Installation of light frame structures: window and door frames, partitions of structural glass, etc.
8.   Insulation work.
9.   Finishing work.
10. Work on the construction of floors.
11. Work on internal engineering systems and equipment.
12. Electrical work on internal power grids.
13. Minor electrical work.
14. Acting as a general contractor.

Residential complex
Residential complex
villa ě°˝„–3,
Gabal el Harim
villa ě°˝„–35,
Gabal el Harim

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