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Dear Investor,

Perhaps you're looking to outsource your manufacturing operation or to offshore your back-office or customer-support func­tions. Maybe you're a grower looking to take advantage of fertile soil, year-round growing seasons and close proximity to key markets. Perhaps you're searching for a regional hub from which to export duty-free to some of the globe's largest economies, including Europe, Africa and the Arab world. Or maybe you want to access the largest and most diverse consumer base in the Middle East and North Africa.

If so, there's no better place in the MENA region to do business than Egypt, which today stands as one of the world's most vibrant and reform-oriented economies. As business leaders and global financial institutions now know, we are blessed with a wealth of compet­itive advantages including a large, competitively priced and educated labor force; a highly competitive tax regime; a thriving, fast-growing domestic market; favorable raw material and energy prices; close proximity to major global markets; an interlocking web of preferential trade agreements; and a pro-business government committed to keeping Egypt on the path of sustainable growth. That growth and the factors underlying our prosperity are well anchored in a policy environment in which the rule of law and institutions prevails.

Leaf through this booklet and you will see the facts speak for themselves. You will learn about a nation that topped its own record of 7.1% GDP growth set in 2006/07 by surging ahead 7.5% in the first half of 2007/08. And you will learn about a politically stable, business-friendly nation that has captured the imagination of global business leaders who poured more than USS 1 I.I billion in for­eign direct investment into the country in 2006/07 — and another USS 7.8 billion in the first half of 2007/08. Little wonder, then, that Egypt is the top recipient of FDT in Africa and second most-popular destination for foreign capital in the Arab world.

Do not take our word for it: These fundamentals are why the World Bank and IFC Doing Business 2008 report has declared Egypt the world's top reformer.

As we go forward, this government will continue to do what we can at the policy level to encourage growth and development, knowing that the private citizens and corporations who are reviving Egypt's ages-old culture of entrepreneurship and competition will do the rest. Together, we will create opportunities for all Egyptians and unleash the vast potential of our young population.

 Welcome to Egypt.

 Mahmoud Mohieldin Minister of Investment May 2008


The Growth Story Continues
The Growth Story Continues, Egypt
FROM A MERE 3.1% in FY 2002/03, Egypt's real GDP growth stood at 7.1% in 2006 ...
White Goods
White Goods, Egypt
THE EGYPTIAN WHITE goods industry dates to the 1960s, when large state-owned companies dominated the domestic production of household appliances ...
Automotive Assembly and Components
THE EGYPTIAN AUTOMOTIVE assembly industry dates back to the late 1950s. when El-Nasr Automotive Manufactur­ing Company (NASCO). a slate-owned ...
The Labor Force
The Labor Force, Egypt

A Large, Skilled and Low-Cost Labor Force

Key Regulatory Changes
Key Regulatory Changes

The World's Top Reformer

Reforms Win International Recognition
Reforms Win International Recognition, Egypt
Egypt now tops the World Bank's list of countries that have made the most progress in reforming their economies ...
Distribution, Egypt
THE DISTRIBUTION SECTOR provides the crucial link between producers and consumers, playing a key role in price formation and the ...
New Investment Horizons
AN IMPRISSIVE ECONOMIĺ°? growth rate thai lopped 7.1% in 2007 and accelerated to 7.5% for the first half ...
Ports and Logistics
Ports and Logistics, Egypt
SINCE ANCIENT TIMES, Egypt's location between the Mediterranean and Red Sea and the land masses of Asia, Europe and ...
The Vision for Egypt
The Vision for Egypt
HUMAN CAPITAL IS our nation's most valuable asset. For our economy to sustain (let alone improve upon) its current ...
Financial Services, Egypt
Financial Services, Egypt
EGYPT'S FINANCIAL SERVICES sector —one of the oldest and most-established in the Middle East — is also one of the ...
Tourism in the Egypt
EYPT'S RICH HISTORY and strategic geographic loca­tion at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia have be­stowed ...
Food Processing
Food Processing, Egypt
WITH ANANNUAL growth rate of over 34%, the Egyptian food processing industry is one of the most dynamic and last-growing ...
Textiles and Garments
Textiles and Garments, Egypt
WHY ARE MORE and more global brands sourcing their ready-made garments from Egypt? Consider this: Abun­dant supplies of high-quality ...
Communication and Information Technology
Communication and Information Technology in the Egypt
THE EGYPTIAN INFORMATION and communications technology (ICT) sector isn't just an integral compo­nent of the country's overall ...
A World-Class Infrastructure Base
A World-Class Infrastructure Base, Egypt

Egypt's Expanding Infrastructure

Corporate Investment Regimes
Corporate Investment Regimes, Egypt
Investment Law No. 8 is known as "the favorable non-free zone regime." The law was enacted to attract foreign investors ...
Pharmaceuticals, Egypt
AFTER A PERIOD of quiet, Egypt is now positioned as a major export hub for the regional pharmaceutical market. Although ...
Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Egypt Today
Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Egypt Today

Egypt's Competitive Advantages

The Export Hub
The Export Hub, Egypt
GLOBAL MANUFACTURERS AS diverse as GAP, Procter & Gamble, Pirelli and Cadburv are exporting from Egvpt in record numbers. It's ...
Key Economic Indicators
Key Economic the Egypt Indicators
Real Sector Indicators and Sources of Growth (1) (% change)

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