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Red Sea Fish
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Red Sea - a unique tropical sea with a variety of strength and beauty of the representatives of the underwater world. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is a tropical sea located closest to Europe. Not surprisingly, the ports of international tourist center of Egypt: Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, Port Ghalib, Porto Sokhna and comfortable yachts come from the UK, Malta, France, Germany, Italy and other countries.

Since the late 80-ies in Egypt, due to the settlement of territorial issues with Israel, the adoption of new laws in the field of tourism and attracting foreign investment, were initiated a long-standing plans to build major international tourist attraction on the Red Sea: Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Numerous tourists from around the world, the flow of which is increasing annually, Red Sea attracts not only the purity of its turquoise waters, coral, but its a lot of unique fauna.

In the waters of the Red Sea is home to over 1,250 varieties of marine fish, mammals and other marine fauna.

The great Russian artist Bilibin, traveling on the Red Sea, called it "shark soup”. Red Sea, in contrast to other seas of the world ocean has a temperature of water on the surface and in depth almost equally warm. In the region of the Sudan at a depth of 2870 meters recorded water temperature 50 ° C - that's really shark soup.

Amazing for its beauty underwater world has stimulated the development of diving in the Red Sea in Egypt. From Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga and Marsa Alam organized various fascinating sea safari from 1 to 7 days. Underwater world lovers can see all opportunity, with their own eyes to look at the lives of many marine mansions of the Red Sea.

The Red Sea is not only a coral fish, but turtles, sharks and dolphins. Also other marine animals living in warm tropical seas. On the pages of the section we have tried to gather as much information about marine fish (including carnivorous), and other inhabitants of the underwater world of the Red Sea through the catalog with photos and a description of the most common species.


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Sea bream

Dorado - distributed mainly in tropical and subtropicalparts of all oceans and adjoining seas, including the Red Sea

Honeycomb stingray
Marine cat
Marine cat  (Dasyatis pastinaca) is widespread on the coast of West and North Africa and Europe (up to the North ...
Pomacentridae FISH-clown. This is - a typical case of mutual symbiosis, when the coexistence oftwo organisms mutually beneficial. This fish characterized by ...
garfish in the red sea
Sargan (Latin Belone belone) or "ling". Ordinary garfish - sea, schooling, pelagic fish, ie dwells in the interior and surface water.
Fish surgeon
Fish surgeon of red sea
Fish surgeon belongsto the family of fishes Acanthuridae. This species of fish normallylives on the platforms of coral reefs of ...
Samara red
Samara red
Samara red (Pterois volitans) - fish family Scorpio. The body length of 30 cm,weighs up to 1 kg. Red body ...
Mackerel (Latin: Scomber scombrus) - the maximum body length 60 cm, average - 30cm. Spindle form body. Scales are small. The back ...
Milk Fish
Milk Fish
Milk Fish (Latin Chanos chanos) - Fish type Gonorynchiformes, the only modernform of family Chanidae. As part of this family were ...
Scorpio fish
Scorpio fish
Scorpio fish, as a rule, thick healthy benthic predators. Characterized by the presence of poisonous dorsal, anal and pelvic fin ...
Gorgonian of red sea
Gorgonian fan-shaped form large colonies, are always positioned perpendicular tothe flow to small polyps were able to capture the maximum ...
Snail-cones - predators, and I must say that they are quite successful hunters. Happy snails hiding in coral, and at nightfall ...
Fish Stone
Scorpaenidae Fish Stone. Most species of this family are distinguished by the presence of numerous venomous spines located in the dorsal ...
Fish-file triggerfish
Fish-file refers to a family of triggerfish.
Sea anemones
ACTINIARIA  red sea anemon
Sea anemones. This group includes many species, but they are single and have noskeleton. Anemones are carnivorous and by causing ...
Sea urchins
Sea urchins
Sea urchins (Latin Echinoidea) - class of echinoderms. Described about 940 modernspecies. The body of sea urchins are usually nearly spherical ...
Pomacentridae Abudefduf - representatives of the family Pomacentridae - one of the most numerous fish in the surface waters above the coral reefs ...
Largehead hairtai
Largehead hairtai. Red sea. Largehead hairtai. Pelagic fish. Depth habitats from 0 to 400 meters. Record copy: length 2,34 m, weight 5 kg
Scaridae fish
Fish Parrot Fish Parrot gotits name from the brightly colored and teeth, connecting like beak.Most species feed on a thin layer ...
Sea Eels
Sea Eels
Snake-like eels. snake-like body shape with small fins. Most of them meyut muzzle to grin and prominent nostrils. Usually burrow ...
Tarpon - the name of two species of fish, sole representatives of the family and genus Megalopidae Megalops. These are large ...
Humpback red snapper
Humpback red snapper.
Humpback red snapper. Refers to the sea bass, red color is uniform. The main difference - humpbacked ridge. Food fish in ...
Sargasso fish
Sargasso fish
Sargasso fish (Sargassumfish) belongs to the family angler. Anglers are demersallifestyle at a depth of 300 m. There are at ...
Fish-lantern (Flashlight Fish)was opened  by Rafinesk in 1810, now has about 100 species in thisfamily. They have seen a ...
Scorpaenopsis fish
Scorpaenopsis - 36 cm - snout is much larger than the diameter of the eye. The second fin on the spine, passing ...
Platycephalidae fish red sea
Platycephalidae. This fish is widely distributed in the northern Red Sea, especially inthe Sinai Peninsula, where they lie on the ...
Red sea diving
Reefs - an oasis in a big desert. The secret of this lush life lies in thespecific biology of hard corals ...
Dolphins of red sea
Dolphins, like all cetaceans, breathing air, surfacing periodically to thesurface to make a modified single breath through the nostril - blowhole ...
Leerfish. (Strabismus) Pelagic fish. Depth habitats from 0 to 50 meters. Record copy: 2 m, weight 50 kg.
Flying fish. Fish-bird
Flying fish
Flying fish (lat. Exocoetidae) - a family of marine fishes, consisting of 64 species, grouped in nine genera.
Conger brilliant
Conger brilliant
Conger brilliant. Usually buried in the sand, sometimes hunts in the open air on fish and crustaceans, mainly at night.
Mombasa samara
Mombasa samara
Mombasa impeller,  without fins, mostly elongated feathers on the ends, between the fins - the membrane with dark spots! Large eyes ...
Painted sweetlips.
Painted sweetlips.
Painted sweetlips. Usually found near the reefs. Depth habitats from 1 to 170 meters. Record copies sea fishing: 1 m ...
Swordfish or swordfish (Latin: Xiphias gladius) - the only member of the family mecherylye. Length up to 4-4,5 m, weighs ...
Celestial Emperor - Blazing Emperor - Yelowlip Emperor.
Emperors called 39 species of fishes of the family Lethrinidae. They are also sometimes called snaperami (the English verb to ...
Diodontidae Diodontidae. Fish-urchinmay swell as Blowfish, and, moreover, all their body is covered withsharp spines, which is an additional means of ...
Sea turtles
Sea turtles
Cheloniidae, a detachment of turtles. Includes a family of proper FMP (Cheloniidae). Large animals, conducting all his life in the ...
Humphead snapper
 Humphead snapper
Humphead snapper. Belongs to the family snappers. A distinctive feature of the hump in front of the head.
Giant guitarfish
Giant guitarfish
Giant guitarfish. A guitar that a cross between a fish, stingrays and sharks. The family of guitar, stingrays (Rhinobatidae).
Pomacanthidae angelfish
Pomacanthidae Yellowbar angelfish Bioligy: inhabits shallow lagoons, sitty bays, coral rich seward reefs, 2 to 60 m.
Usually singly or in ...
Fish Napoleon
Napoleon fish Fish Napoleon got its name from the characteristic bump on the head, resembling a hat of the French emperor. The ...
Priacanthidae fish Priacanthidae. These fish are in appearance, coloring, and night life are similar to the representatives of the family Holocentridae.
fungiabig. Cnidarians.
Cnidarians. This group includes numerous polyps - living creatures, reminiscent of acup or glass, whose leg on something fixed, and in ...
Gastropods Prosobranchia (Shellfish) red sea
Representatives of the Prosobranchia are partly carnivorous, prey on live animals or feed on the remains of dead marine life ...
Grouper, locus, Dakar -a group of fishes, distributed in the waters of the Mediterranean (7species) and Red (19 species) of ...
Yellow-edged lyretail
Yellow-edged lyretail
Yellow-edged lyretail. Usually found near the reefs. Depth habitats from 3 to 250 meters. Record copy: length 0.83 m ...
Fish dart.
Fish dart. Fish-boom Fish-boom. Usually found near the reefs.
Record copy: length 0,6 m, weight 1,5 kg

Nudibranch. Theseclams are like brightly colored little slugs and often serve as anobject for photographing. Their bright coloration is a ...
Yellow-spotted scorpion
Yellow-spotted scorpion
Yellow-spotted scorpion - a brownish-yellow color with small yellow dots, and large yellow spots.
Dangers of Red Sea
At the mention of the dangers of tropical seas anyone remembers justabout sharks as if the only purpose of life ...

Fish Sailboat (IstiophorusLacepède, 1801) - the genus of the family unit ParusnikovOkuneobraznyh, including two species of fish. Inhabits the tropicalwaters ...

Haemulidae - fish of a Red sea Haemulidae - its name, these fish were called due to the sounds made by them inthe teethgrinding and amplified by the ...
Serranidae, Rock cod fish of red sea
Rock cod - predators, they are very territorial, located on the top ofthe food pyramid, and their destruction may lead to ...
Labroides dimidiatus
Labroides dimidiatus Labroides dimidiatu chose an unusual way of obtaining food: it cleans the other fish from parasites and dead scales and ...
Butterflyfishes Butterflyfish. Most typical and colorful reef fishes. During the day they are singly or in pairs patrolling the area, and ...
Gobiidae Gobies - this family has a huge number of fish more than 800 speciesdistributed throughout the world. Very elongated shape and ...
Cuttlefish (Latin Sepiida) - Detachment of animals from the class Cephalopoda.From all other modern cephalopods, squid are distinguished by thepresence ...
Sea dogs
Sea Dogs
Sea dogs - these little fish living in surface waters of the reefs, have elongated body and long dorsal fin fluttering.
Bluebelly aspidont
Aspidontus taeniatus Blenniidae
Bluebelly aspidont (Aspidontus taeniatus), feeding on scales, bits of skin and fins of other fish.
Synodontidae. The name of these fish were due to the shape of the head, resembling the head reptile
Ostraciidae Ostraciidae. The name of those funny fish were due to firm shell, consisting of bony plates and covering their bodies.
Stony corals
MADREPORA  Stony corals Red Sea
Stony corals are the main builders of coral reefs, and almost all of them form acolony. Their polyps have six ...
Hexacorallia Of the red sea
Hexacorallia. The main characteristic of this group - the number of processes equal to or a multiple of six. There are ...
Gastropoda in red sea
Shellfish Clams. It is very difficult to remain indifferent at the sight of beautiful shells...
Cleaner shrimp
Stenopus hispidus
Shrimp-cleaners (Stenopus hispidus) eagerly photographed because of their bright red and white stripes. These small animals feed on pests, nuisance ...
Sea worms
ANELLIDA of the red sea
Polychaetes. This class includes thousands of species, divided into two main groups: the mobile species and species living by attaching ...
Fish Crocodile
Fish Crocodile
Fish Crocodile refers to the order of the Flatheads. In the Red Sea are found nearcoral reefs, mostly at the ...
Bluefin balistoidy
bluefin balistoidy
Bluefin balistoidy.Real danger to humans in the Red Sea do not represent the shark, butbluefin balistoidy, especially during their ...
Mullidae fish Red Sea Mullet all carnivorous and feed mainly on small invertebrates, but some species are not averse and small fish.
The second ...
Calamari (Latin Teuthida)- Detachment of decapod cephalopods. Usually the same size 0,25-0,5 m,but the giant squid Architeuthis ...
Wahoo (Latin Acanthocybium solandri, Eng. Wahoo) –lives in tropical seas atdepths of up to 12 meters. In different places this ...
Caranx sexfasciatus

Caranx sexfasciatus -major commercial species, occurring mainly in the water circulated verywidely, from the eastern coast of Africa to the ...

African pompano
African pompano Pompano or Palometa (Trachinotus goodei), family stavridovyh has very long, the first rays of soft dorsal and anal fins.
John dory. Fish-dory
John dory. Fish-dory
Dory, fish-dory (Zeiformes). The body usually laterally compressed, high, in the analfin is 4.1 spikes in the pelvic fins ...
Whitemouth jack
Whitemouth jack
Whitemouth jack. Usually found near coral reefs in the Red Sea
Depth habitats from 0 to 100 meters
Record copies ...
Indian red snapper
Indian red snapper
Indian red snapper. Belongs to the family snappers. The most widespread genus of Snapper or Pargo, or sneppery (Lutianus), representing ...
Common bluestripe snapper
Common bluestripe snapper
Common bluestripe snapper. Belongsto the family snappers. The most widespread genus of Snapper or Pargo,or snapper (Lutianus), representing 69 ...
Marlin - the common name of sea fish belonging to the family of billfish, Istiophoridae.Have a body of elongated shape ...
Toad-fish near bottom dweller with a large and somewhat flattened head and mouth. Occurs in crevices or under coral ledges ...
Pineapple-fish - a small armored fish scales is hard to figure and colore resembles pineapple, reaches a length of up to ...
Shrimp Fish
Shrimp Fish
Fish-shrimp has a subtle elongated body enclosed in bony plates with anelongatedventral fin and tail fin, similar to the cereal ...
Dwarf lionfish. Samara
Dwarf lionfish. Samara
Dwarf lionfish.Korotkoperaya impeller. Scorpio belongs to the family of fishes. Finskorotkoperoy lionfish are a fan rays completely united membranes ...
Fish-Devil. Belongs to the family of Scorpio. Dangerous to humans. Almost merges with the bottom surface, small eyes, big face.
Bearded Scorpion
Bearded Scorpion
Bearded Scorpion. Snout short, almost equal to eye diameter. Good disguise, fins from dark brown to gray in color with ...
Fish-Stone refers to one of the most dangerous and poisonous species of Scorpio.Warty surface of the skin, bulbous little ...
Fish-devil reddening
Fish-devil reddening
Fish-devil reddening refers to Scorpio. Has a length of 25 cm, the body is nodular, roundand elongated snout, her eyes ...
Gurnard has a large wingspan, the fins, which resemble large round hat. In thecenter of a big strong head. Multi-colored ...
Triggerfish Red sea Triggerfish - representatives of the family Balistidae have an unusual defensemechanism: the dorsal part of the body they are thorn, which ...
Cirrhitidae Cirrhitidae. Family has asmall number of species. These fish most of their time lying on thereefs or among the branches ...
red sea fishing

Octopus (Latin OctĂŠ•Ë‡?poda from others-Greek. "Eight", etc., Greek. "Foot") - the most famous representatives of cephalopods.


Apogonidae Apogonidae. The name ofthe fish was due to the presence of red color in the color of manyspecies of the ...
Tetraodontidae. Blowfish.
Tetraodontidae. Blowfish.The name of the fish were due to the ability to inflate its body in caseof danger or ...
Millepora dichotoma  Idrosis
Idrosis very diversely represented in the Red Sea, especially the well knownsolid forms, such as fire coral, which is the ...
Scyphozoa Jellyfish
Jellyfish are among the least favorite swimmers and marine life due to "burning" the nature of some of them.
Soft corals
soft corals of the red sea
Alcyonacea -soft corals. The waters of the Red Sea are attractive to a large extentbecause of the huge number of ...
Fish falcon
Cirrhitichthys falco
Fish-falcon, Cirrhitichthys falco, A small dwarf fish (fish-Falcon), equally comfortable inhabiting tropical seas, and in aquaria.
Tuna (Latin: Thunnus) - genus of fish from the family skumbrievyh (Scombridae).
Black-tailed Snapper
Black-tailed Snapper
Black-tailed Snapper. Belongs to the snappers family. The most widespread genus of Snapper or Pargo, or sneppery (Lutianus), representing 69 ...
Fish hound
Fish hound
Hound fish is found in coastal waters, usually along the top edge reefs. Hauntsthe treatment plant. For fishermen always strong ...
Fish-needle Fish-needle lives in the coastal waters, walks near the upper edge of the reef.Elongated body of the fish with ...
Names: Cornet Fish, Fish, cornet, flute fish - very similar to the fish-needle, which in the Red Sea, a huge amount ...
Marine Butterfly
Marine Butterfly
Fish butterfly sea butterfly, fish, Pegasus. The body is covered with strong plates, snout type proboscis. The lateral fins of ...
Dendrochirus zebra. Lionfish
Dendrochirus zebra. Lionfish. Samara
Dendrochirus zebra. Lionfish. Samara - zebra belongs to the family Scorpio fish dangerous to man. Fins are a fan: rays completely ...
Comb velvet fish
Comb velvet fish
Combvelvet fish belongs to the family of Scorpio, reaches up to 10 cm onthe back a distinct solid fin is ...
Snapper-dori. Belongs to the family snappers. The most widespread genus of Snapper orPargo, or sneppery (Lutianus), representing 69 species, of ...
Labridae Fish Labridae. This family is very diverse, encompasses about 50 genera and numbers up to 600 species. Its members are very ...
Scorpio fish (Pitching samara)
Pitching samara
Scorpio fish (Pitching samara) ,as a rule, thick healthy benthic predators. Characterized by thepresence of poisonous dorsal, anal and pelvic ...

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